Original equine photography by yours truly. Please do not distribute these or repost them.

All photos here are mine, taken on a Canon Rebel XS, unless otherwise specified. Message me for details on my lenses.

Young, new photographer in Alberta, Canada. Hopeful photojournalist, sports photographer, and sales/stud photographer. Small Cute Blue Gray Pointer
Please keep credit and do not steal. This photo is of a minor.
Skimmer and her owner Ryley, in a photoshoot to honor her before the beautiful mare was put down.
A Girl’s First Pony
Fall 2014
Skimmer; my first pony.
We’ll miss you, old girl. </3
Fall 2014.


Look up the expenses of one horse for an entire year in various locations around the world before you judge someone for selling a horse. The whole “keeping a horse forever no matter what” thing is complete and utter bullshit, sorry. Family situations can change in the blink of…


i don’t know what i was trying to accomplish with this edit but i like it (x)

Awe! This is my picture and I love this edit! Thanks for crediting to my DA page!
Summer ‘14
Moonbeam’s not a morning horse.
Summer 2014.
I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS SO MUCH!!!! Just thought I might tell you that. :) Keep up the awesome work!!

Awe thank you!

Light Grey Pointer
Pony of the Americas
Summer ‘14