Original equine photography by yours truly. Please do not distribute these or repost them.

All photos here are mine, taken on a Canon Rebel XS, unless otherwise specified. Message me for details on my lenses.

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How old was Monson he looks pretty young?

Molson’s 13! He’s a pretty good age, just got a baby face!

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Im going on a trip and brought my camera.. no horse pictures unless I encounter a farm in pretty lighting but hopefully I’ll get some nice ones to post.
Also I lost my camera charger and have to get a new one. Major bummer! I looked for 3 days straight but alas.

"Can’t say all the little things that I wanna tell you right now, I know you won’t understand, but I’ve gotta tell you somehow."
August 2012
The prettiest, silliest girlie.
Beybey, unedited
My editing software is stuck on my old laptop which is in repair right now, so forgive this and respect the lack of watermark by NOT distributing this. Thaanks.
Beyonce being purrty.
This is my favourite thing.
Spring 2013

k im going to sacrifice everyone who reblogs that post about the twins & talks about the fucking philippaerts games to the gods. stop being fucking creepy on my photo