Original equine photography by yours truly. Please do not distribute these or repost them.

All photos here are mine, taken on a Canon Rebel XS, unless otherwise specified. Message me for details on my lenses.

Young, new photographer in Alberta, Canada. Hopeful photojournalist, sports photographer, and sales/stud photographer. Small Cute Blue Gray Pointer
Moonbeam’s not a morning horse.
Summer 2014.
I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS SO MUCH!!!! Just thought I might tell you that. :) Keep up the awesome work!!

Awe thank you!

Light Grey Pointer
Pony of the Americas
Summer ‘14
Fingers crossed she does well at her vet assessment. When she got injured over the winter I thought I’d have to put her down; I’m just happy she’s even alive, but I’d be thrilled if I can ride her again. She’s such a precious gift and riding her is such a thrill.
Love this baby.
A happy Moonbeam is a happy Shauna :)
Mom planted flowers this year :)
A Rescue’s Silhouette. 
He was bought with intentions of him being my mom’s reliable trail and walk/trot horse, but as physical limitations made themselves evident in the form of arthritis in all 4 major leg joints, early retirement quickly became his life.
Years after buying him and never giving into abandonment, he’s off to be a companion horse for a gelding in need of a friend, whose mother and best friend died suddenly last week.
His incredibly quiet personality will be very heavily missed on our farm.
Summer 2014.